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Have Critical Information Before You Hire

Replacing employees or hiring for new positions can be a difficult task. Having the right people in your business make the difference between your company being successful and falling behind. When it is time to hire for a position within your company, you can feel confident in whom you choose to interview with these few steps.

Only Interview The Right Caprondidates

Bringing the wrong people in for interviews is more than just a waste of time. When you meet with a candidate that is not right for the job, you run the risk of making an emotional decision. The person might be a wonderful individual, but not right for the job.

Once you build a personal connection with an individual, it will be harder to have an objective attitude.

Interviewing people that are not qualified for your job can bring more damage than you realize.

Weed Out The Wrong Resumes

Some people will send in a resume because they feel they can do the job. Others will blast their resumes to any available position. With the job market being what it is, most are just looking for any employer that will hire them.

It will take time and patience to weed out the wrong resumes. Look at each resume carefully. Compare the talents and experience to the job description of the position you are hiring for.

After you go through the stack of candidates, you might come up empty handed. To find the right person for your company, you need to be committed to waiting.

Sometimes, you can think that you have to choose an employee from the group of people that have applied. There will always be one candidate that looks better than the rest. That does not mean that they are the right person for your job.

Understand The Candidate’s Talents And Abilities

Once you feel confident in bringing a person in for an interview, you should be ready to ask the right questions. The main goal of the meeting is to understand the individual’s talents, abilities, and personality. You want to be sure that they will fit into the position you are hiring for.

Face to face, you should still keep your objectivity. It is a fine balance getting to know a person’s personality without becoming too attached.

Do not be afraid to bring your top choices back for a second or third interview. Consider allowing them to have working interviews to see if they will work out.

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The Need To Know “WHY”

unnamedHelping people understand their purpose

Many things lead to the success of a business. Productive management and employees are certainly one of the top reasons a company is able to meet their goals. With motivated team members, customer service soars, office morale is higher, retention is greater, and the company is able to grow. The true challenge is figuring out how to motivate your team to accomplish their tasks. While most of your staff likely understands what their job entails, they probably have no idea why they have been assigned these tasks. If you are looking to keep those that work for you productive, you must answer the biggest question, “Why?”

The Need to Know Why – If you have ever spent any time with children, they want to know why they have to do everything you ask them to do. The need to know why carries into adulthood as well. One of the biggest differences is that many adults will not ask the why question, but instead draw their own conclusions. When an individual understands the purpose behind seemingly mundane tasks, it will help them stay motivated.

Creatively Share the Vision of the CompanyAs a leader it is your job to make certain that the employees of the company understand the vision of the business. People are more likely to stay committed to a purpose rather than a company. Having thm oe mission or vision statement written out in an employee handbook is not enough. Before you can market youmorself to potential clients, you must reach those that work for you. Campaigns need to start in the office.

Resolve the Why Question – To begin with, you must understand the why question for yourself. Before the business came into existence, it started with an idea in someone’s mind. There were many months of conversation, dreaming, excitement, anticipation, and brainstorming about the business concept. In those moments the why behind the tasks and services was defined. Once you understand the why, you can share it with your team.

Developing a Teaching MindsetWe talked about how children so readily ask the why question; as adults we excitedly walk them through the thought processes to put their curious minds at rest. With your team, you can develop this same teaching mindset. Do not naturally assume that everyone working for the company knows the answers to the why. Break down the reasons behind task lists, even if they seem simplistic. Walk your employees through the thought processes so that they catch the vision for themselves.

Being a leader is so much more than telling everyone what to do. Instead, it is working hard to instill a deep rooted passion for the job in the minds of those that work with you.

When everyone knows the WHY, it will help them understand their purpose.t

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Motivational Quotes

“Instead of giving myself reasons why I can’t, I give myself reasons why I can.”
~ Author Unknown

“The smartest business decision you can make is to hire qualified people. Bringing the right people on board saves you thousands, and your business will run smoothly and efficiently.”
~ Brian Tracy

“Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success.”
~ Author Unknown

Proper Handling Of Private Information Is YOUR Responsibility

If you are in business for yourself or on the top rung of the latter of a company, you have many different responsibilities. With so many areas to focus on, certain parts of your operations are sure to be passed over. Paper shredding likely falls into that category of things that get put on the back burner.

Assign Someone to Handle Paper Shredding

It is necessary that the destruction of important documents takes place in your business. The best way to make sure it stays a priority is to assign the task to someone you can trust. Be sure you put an employee or manager in place that will do what is necessary to ensure proper destruction takes place.

Help Them Create a Policy

Ultimately, the responsibility falls on you to make sure that documents are being shredded properly. If sensitive information is leaked, you will be held liable. For that reason, you need to be a part of creating a policy for shredding. Work with your associate to put together a policy that can be followed.

Lead By Example

Make sure that you always follow the policy you put into place. If you cut corners or do not stick to your own guidelines, your staff will not take it seriously. In order to show others how important it is to shred, you must be willing to do it yourself.

Talk About the Importance of Shredding

You should be addressing this procedure on a regular basis. Staff meetings are a good way to remind employees of how they should handle sensitive information. If you send out a monthly newsletter, featuring an article on the importance of shredding would be a good idea. You can also send out memos on occasion to remind everyone to shred.

Use a Shredding Service

One of the best ways to keep you and your staff accountable in disposing of documents is to hire a company. Using a service will ensure that you take the time necessary to set aside the proper documents. It’s also a great way to keep shredding on everyone’s mind.

Put Reprimands in Place

It may sound harsh, but putting reprimands in place is an important part of the process. Your company will suffer major consequences if private information is procured. It is only reasonable that employees that do not follow the guidelines will suffer consequences.t

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